Illustration for article titled Ashley Olsens Tucked-In Hair, Tight Skirt, Big Smile

[New York, November 29. Image via Splash.]


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I had a class with Ashley my junior year of college. She seemed nice, but only came three times - she hadn't dropped the class, because her attendances were spaced out evenly through the semester. The class was "Philosophy of Medicine" and her only spoken comment was something about how people who were out of shape should get nutritionists and exercise. No joke. Also, she wore this fucking ridiculous giant hat and left class five minutes early - obviously to avoid the paps, but I never saw any.

Why are the Olsons fashion icons in Europe? An 18-year-old French girl told me Starbucks is successful in Paris because young people there have seen so many pictures of the Olsons with their Ventis and that Sbucks seems "Like part of the American dream."