Ashley Madison Ad Yanked From Super Bowl

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After reports that Ashley Madison, the cheaters website, was angling to run a spot during the Super Bowl, we've finally heard: FOX rejected it. (Slightly NSFW)

Although the 30-second ad featured adult film star Savanna Samson, by (classily-named) Ashley Madison's shameless standards, the spot is actually pretty tame. It's super-vague and the Super Bowl version apparently even refrains from using their slogan, "Life is short. Have an affair." AshleyMadison's founder seemed under the impression that the ad was rejected purely based on Samson's involvement, and was outraged and indignant, saying, "Now that so many adult film stars including Jenna Jameson and Sasha Grey have crossed over into the mainstream, it's disappointing that the NFL continues to discriminate against them...I wonder if they're planning on restricting Ben Roethlisberger from playing or Rex Ryan from coaching in the big game."


Oh, snap! Albeit totally off topic! While he might raise a decent point about the NFL's practices and the hypocrisy inherent in professional sports in America, we're willing to bet that if either of those guys tried to hawk a site explicitly geared towards infidelity during the highest-rated TV event of the year, they'd probably get yanked too.

Super Bowl Ad For Cheaters Featuring Porn Star Rejected [KJRH]

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Kitty Conner

Did anyone else see the anti-Ashley Madison/sanctity of marriage ad that aired right before the NFC championship game on Fox in my market?

It was just strange. AND hilariously, no one at the party knew who/what the hell Ashley Madison was and as a result of this 'family first' ad, now they all know.