Ashley Judd Will Probably Announce Her Senate Run in May, Says Everyone Except Ashley Judd

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There are those involved in Kentucky politics who have it on fairly high authority that Ashley Judd, who might become the very first Senator ever to have shouted the words, "I am the super-mother bug!" while topless, is planning to announce her candidacy for the U.S. Senate this spring. Sources close to the actress/activist say that she'd ideally like to announce her candidacy for the Democratic nomination in the 2014 Kentucky Senate race around the time of the Kentucky Derby in May, most likely while wearing the fanciest hat imaginable so she can attract the flitting attention of Derby-goers and racehorses alike (the recreational quadruped faction, as I'm sure you all know, is quite strong in Kentucky).

Judd has so far denied reports that she's about to announce a Senate run, but she's done so in the peculiarly equivocal way politicians have of trying to maintain control of their public images for as long as possible. About her imminent announcement, she told the HuffPo:

I am not sure who is saying this stuff, but it is not I! I'd prefer as a fan of your journalism that you stay accurate and credible. We told everyone who called us yesterday these stories are fabrications.


Oh and I suppose rumors of Ashley Judd repurposing racehorses for her band of Robin Hood-style band of outlaws are also just "fabrications," too. [HuffPo]

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Who dafuq is watching "Modern Family"??? Like, for real. It looks horrible!