Ashley Judd and Dario Franchitti Split With No Hard Feelings, For Real

Unfortunately, The Year That Love Died appears to be extending into 2013: Actress, vocal feminist and possible Kentucky senatorial candidiate Ashley Judd and her husband, three-time Indy 500 winner Dario Franchitti, are divorcing after eleven years of marriage, which is like a golden anniversary in celebrity years.

"We have mutually decided to end our marriage. We'll always be family and continue to cherish our relationship based on the special love, integrity, and respect we have always enjoyed."

The split is mature and amicable, and Judd doesn't seem destroyed over taking "racing wife" off her resumé, maybe because she is so tired from running and screaming and saving her TV son from shadowy baddies.

:-| [People]


In the synth-y, blasted words of Icona Pop in the last Girls episode, Rihanna doesn't care! She loves it! "It," in this case, is Chris Brown. She discusses the new dynamics between herself and everyone's favorite shitnugget lothario in the new Rolling Stone.

"I decided it was more important for me to be happy. I wasn't going to let anybody's opinion get in the way of that. Even if it's a mistake, it's my mistake. After being tormented for so many years, being angry and dark, I'd rather just live my truth and take the backlash. I can handle it.

When you add up the pieces from the outside, it's not the cutest puzzle in the world. You see us walking somewhere, driving somewhere, in the studio, in the club, and you think you know. But it's different now. We don't have those types of arguments anymore. We talk about shit. We value each other. We know exactly what we have now, and we don't want to lose that. [But] he doesn't have the luxury of fucking up again."


[Rolling Stone]

It is the end of an era: Chris Brown's Instagram is now private. [MTV]


Just as 30 Rock comes to a close, Alec Baldwin's wife Hilaria "Gigglemirth" Thomas might be pregnant, reports InTouch, but it is currently on the down-low. (Not this kind; I mean this kind.) A source reports, "Hilaria has told only really close friends and family she is pregnant, only a close circle she trusts. As for their PR reps:



"I've said for years that Diet Coke just ‘gets me' and my lifestyle," Taylor Swift informs us as she announces her new partnership with the soft drink as a "program ambassador" for their new Extraordinary campaign, which will feature backstage photos accessible to friends of Diet Coke's Facebook page. Although I suspect that most friends of Diet Coke's Facebook page are already the seventh grade girl demographic. [Idolator]


And furthermore. [Grub Street]

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There will be an Entourage movie. Attend it with a sensible friend, a tall doofy weird friend, and one chubby Kangol-wearing guy just to make sure that you stay totally grounded. [Deadline]

  • Brooke Hogan stuck up for her dad Hulk after he Tweeted a lecherous photo of her legs with the caption "Brooke's legs..." and everyone was like whatwhystop. She argues that when her dad rubs suntain oil on her butt and thigh, "I know I'm a grown woman, but it's like he's touching an old car." BREAKING: Hulk Hogan makes taboo advances on jalopy. [NYDN]
  • Professional spirit animal Ke$ha and her symbiotic relationship with glitter will star in a rockumentary filmed by her brother Lagan Sebert for MTV. [MTV]
  • Lindsay Lohan may FINALLY understand the importance of making a court date. (Doubtful.) [TMZ]
  • UM ALSO, here is an actual bomb drop by Snooki: "It was the first time we were in L.A., and I feel like [Lindsay Lohan] was flirting with Pauly [D.] — and I feel like they made out... But that was like three years ago." Dafuq. [Us Weekly]
  • James Franco discussed The Amazing Spider-Man with nuggets of incisive criticism such as "It's like... why": "'They could've strayed a little bit more from the original. It's like... why. Guess they made a lot of money. OK, congrats. But good for them. Sam [Raimi] and I moved on, we made Oz." Which rings of "No, I am SO happy for my ex-boyfriend, he totally deserved that MacArthur genius grant—Cheese on a cracker, is there any TEQUILA in this tequila?" [Contact Music]
  • Rather than hacking off her hair like Felicity or signing up for a Zumba class, Brandi Glanville got that creepy "vaginal rejuvenation" procedure after her split with Eddie Cibrian. [Ace Showbiz]
  • Gemma Arterton's stunt double on Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters was badly injured by a nail in her head. (The worst part is that it was fucking Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters. Not worth it.) [Contact Music]
  • Burt Reynolds was released from the hospital after a bad case of the flu. [Express]
  • So was Barbara Walters after her chicken pox. [Express]
  • Years ago, a shitfaced Noel Gallagher once asked Sinead O'Connor to marry him. [NME]
  • Lamar Odom isn't "sure that [Khloe Kardashian] is maternal." [Daily Mail]
  • Lauren Conrad, a sensitive soul, cried when she found out Katy Perry and Russell Brand were getting a divorce. More importantly, she is dating a guy named William Tell. (Good frat prank: glue apple on his head while he's passed out. For all the LOLz!) [People]
  • Megan Fox is considering giving up acting for her new baby. But when did she ever act? [People]
  • Kim Kardashian pretended to go to the gym, was photographed, then snuck away and went to Sonic. [Us Weekly]
  • Meet Matthew McConaughey's progeny, one-month-old Livingston. [Us Weekly]
  • Bradley Cooper went to Soul Cycle and "girls were literally falling off their bikes." [Page Six]
  • I lhave wanted nothing more in my life than to go to a burlesque supper club with Lou Reed and Harvey Keitel. [Page Six]
  • Justin Bieber And The Case of the Potential Boob Grab, a new novel by J.K. Rowling. ("I'M NEVER WASHING THIS BOOB AGAIN," said girl.) [NYDN]
  • Gomer Pyle is gay married. [ABC]
  • OMGGGG. [People]

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