Ashley Dupré "Felt Connected" To Silda Spitzer's Pain

Good Morning America aired part of Diane Sawyer's interview with Eliot Spitzer's hooker Ashley Dupré early today. She says that she didn't know who Spitzer was until the story broke on TV, because she was only concerned with her own life and didn't read newspapers. (Can she see Russia from her house?) Diane asked Ashley how she felt seeing Silda Spitzer looking miserable next to Eliot during a press conference as he admitted to cheating on her. "I felt connected to her," Dupré says, "Her pain, I saw the pain in her eyes." In the voice of Amy Poehler: Really!?!!? Really, Ashley? Also of note: Ashley wanted to make clear that she is an escort, and not a prostitute. "I think that prostitution is only about sex…whereas an escort is a lot more than that," she said. Clip above.

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Also it's disingenuous to completely ignore Ashley's role in Silda's pain.

Of course Eliot took/broke the vows. Of course Elliot willingly cheated and is to blame for the bulk of its consequences.

But to pretend an escort, or any one sleeping with a married man, has zero blame is oversimplification.

I think it's a similar tangential relationship, like a drug dealer and an overdose victim, or even an arms dealer taking no responsiblity for the acts of the terorists that use their guns. True these enablers may not be the ones doing the direct harm or the direct damage, but their is a moral responsiblilty when you know your actions could lead to another's harm and you exploit that relationship instead of taking action (to the extent that you are able)to prevent the harm.

In short: Elliot's shittiness does not negate the fact that Ashley is still an ASSHOLE.