Ashlee Simpson to Officially Become a Ross

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Earlier this year, Ashlee Simpson married into a family helmed by one of the greatest divas to ever grace the world with her presence and magnificent hair: Ms. Diana Ross. Simpson and Evan Ross were wed in August and now Jessica Simpson's sister wants to make it very clear that Diana Ross is her mother-in-law.


Evan only uses the last name Ross for professional purposes. Legally, he shares his father's last name, Naess. Now, he and Simpson have filed requests to legally change their last name to Ross-Naess according to TMZ.

We can only speculate as to why they've decided to adopt the name Ross. It might be an homage to Evan's mother. Perhaps they want to me more like Evan's sister, Tracee Ellis Ross. Or maybe Ashlee recognizes that the Ross name is a regal gift that carries the weight of grade-A divadom and voluminous hair.


Soon it will be impossible to ignore the truth that yes, Ashlee Simpson is, indeed, related to the lead singer of The Supremes and the woman who could rock an gloriously ostentatious gown like no other. Ashlee Simpson, the "singer" who did a damn jig on the SNL stage, gets to call an actual musical goddess "mom." Ashlee Simpson can theoretically play dress-up in Diana Ross's closet and probably gets to hear her sing "Endless Love" whenever she feels like it. I'm not saying that it's wildly unfair that Ashlee Simpson is Diana Ross' daughter—I'm just saying, maybe some of us deserve it more and would totally, 100% respect and treasure that gift forever and ever.

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Kate Dries

Just imagine these people all seated at the same table together at Thanksgiving or Christmas or some other fun family holiday:

- Ashlee and Jessica Simpson's dad (plus one of his secret boyfriends)

- Tracee Ellis Ross

- Jessica Simpson's husband whatever his name is

- Evan Ross

- Jessica Simpson

- Diana Ross

- Ashlee Simpson

- Ashlee and Jessica Simpson's mom