Ashlee Simpson To Join Forces With The Ashlee Simpson Of Mall Retailers

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  • As celebrity-commodity tie-ups go, it makes a certain kind of sense that Ashlee Simpson would shill for Wet Seal. Wet Seal is sort of the quintessential hollow youth retailer, possessing nary the layers of rigorous protocol and manufactured snobbery of Abercrombie & Fitch nor the countercultural "heritage" of Urban Outfitters, and so it is left, every few years, to "reinvent" itself under the watchful eye of the money men. Ashlee will be "designing" T-shirts "inspired by her own personality, sense of style and album artwork." [People]
  • Oh, goody, and they're even going to make one that fits her. [Budget Fashionista]
  • You know? There are a lot of topics that I could see inspiring me to write 300 pages of text and Kate Moss is not one of them. I mean, what all is there to say about Kate Moss? WWD asked the host of the party for a Kate Moss biography in Paris last night. "She always looks great," he said. [WWD]
  • And her life is endless string of nabbing and losing endorsement contracts. [Mirror]
  • J.C. Penney and "macroeconomic gloom" seem somehow appropriately tied to one another. [WSJ]
  • Walgreen's is starting to sell $7 pajamas, and other clothing items. This reminds me of a fun game: what is the grossest thing in your wardrobe that you bought at a drugstore when you were locked out of your house after an ill-advised one-night stand and somehow still own? And why are "briefs" SO VERY GIANT? I have some brown plastic CVS sandals but I think the GIANT underwear takes the cake. [Mediapost]
  • Some dispatch from a Calvin Klein party in Vegas involved Kate Bosworth being credited with this profundity: "The biggest tip I learned was come with as much as you're willing to loose." No dear, "loose" is the sample size on your bony body. [Fashion Week Daily]
  • If you didn't know the story of how Puma and Adidas were founded by dueling German brothers named Adi and Rudolf Dassler and how Adi outfitted Nazis etc. etc., well, now you can read an entire book about it! Not that I want to distract your mind from such lofty matters as those sure to be addressed in the Kate Moss book! [BusinessWeek]



Ashlee Simpson is like a less-diseased Paris Hilton: unjustifiably famous and a complete waste of air.