Ashanti's Stalker Says He Wasn't Doing Anything Anthony Weiner Didn't Do

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Ashanti appeared in court again Thursday to sit through the testimony/questioning of her long-time stalker Devar Hurd. If you consider what a dream come true this must be for him, it makes the nightmare of the situation for Ashanti crystal clear.


Hurd is obviously disturbed, so it’s not surprising that he has found some circuitous logic to explain his restraining-order-breaking behavior. He’s currently on trial for sending hundreds of sexually explicit tweets to Ashanti, and he wants to know what he did that disgraced politician Anthony Weiner didn’t do. Page Six reports:

During a rambling nearly two-hour summation, Devar Hurd, who is representing himself, said, “He [Weiner] was in a situation like this where he sent sexually explicit tweets to six different women. No one came and ran down on him and arrested him.”

He continued, “I didn’t even send no nude pics. I just talked some sexually explicit stuff from time to time. Why didn’t he get arrested for doing the same stuff?”

Okay, sure, I’ll bite: Anthony Weiner wasn’t violating an order of protection by contacting anyone via Twitter, he was just embarrassing himself. I’m sure he appreciates Hurd looping him into another story about sordid tweets, though. Deliberations from the jury will continue Friday, let’s all hope this doesn’t escalate to a #FreeAshanti campaign.

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Worst defense ever?