As previously mentioned, the marvelous Rebecca Traister of Salon and I were invited to talk for last week. While you can click here to watch the entire 69 minutes, you can click the picture at left to watch a couple of excerpts of us talking about Sarah Palin and accessible femininity and us liberally stealing Rachel Maddow's steez by me talking Rebecca down on liking Sarah Palin on gay rights.

Is it good or bad to have a girly-girl politician? Click to view Our version of "Talk Me Down" on Sarah Palin and gay rights Click to view

(By the way, if you watch the entire video, Anna makes a special appearance in the background.)


OMG! Megan your speech on gay rights and the Democratic Party needing to deal with intolerance made my heart swoon. It makes me so glad to be a young gay man in his 20's in this day and age to see people standing up and raising their voice. It's so cool to see the Wall of Intolerance being chipped away and knowing that it will fall any day now.