Lux, the 22-lb. cat who trapped a family in a bedroom forcing them to call the police, will be featured on Animal Planet's My Cat From Hell. Hopefully, the show can do something to help. The family turned the cat over to a shelter earlier this week, telling shelter officials they are still struggling with whether or not to keep him.


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As a name-sharer with this cat AND a fan of My Cat From Hell, I am quite optimistic that this is a good step. Spoiler alert: on that show, it is ALWAYS the behavior of the owners that has to change to change the cat's behavior. So if the family has turned Lux over to a shelter and they won't be the people working with the cat on the show, I'm not sure how it will work. Still, though, this is a good thing.

Edit: I read the linked article, and the original family is going to be working with the cat. That's good.