According to their website, "The Whitney Contemporaries is a dynamic group of art patrons between the ages of twenty-one and forty, committed to supporting the Whitney [Museum]'s mission of championing emerging voices and artistic innovation. Contemporaries are guaranteed exclusive access to the Whitney's unparalleled resources and the New York art scene." Apparently this translates to the MisShapes and various women in trash bags. And no, it doesn't come cheap. Anyway, they congregated last night at Skylight in New York. Watch the usual suspects (Rachel Zoe, Rachel Bilson, Michelle Trachtenberg and Joy Bryant, among others) suffer for their art, after the jump!

The Good:

Sometimes I wish you could see "Bad" first (I know that would screw with the whole title reference) so that you could appreciate what a breath of fresh air Joy Bryant's divine ensemble is after some of this evening's fashions.

I'm sure Eva Amurri would far rather I didn't describe her as Susan Sarandon's daughter. All in good time, my dear. And your dress is lovely.


Digging Monet Mazur's use of belt.


Ditto Michelle Trachtenberg's groovy clutch.

Not my favorite look on Rachel Bilson, but I do think she's one of the few who could pull this off.


The Bad:

There is a certain horrible perfection to Rachel Zoe in this Return to the Valley of the Dolls hideosity.


You think Gretchen Mol's doing okay. And then you hit the shoes.


You can probably guess, but this pan refers to the center of the sandwich, one Melissa Gellman Weiss.

Tara Subkoff: Qhat is your motivation?!

The Ugly:


I understand that E.V. Day is an artist and therefore above the laws of normal aesthetic standards. This is why she gets her own category.

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