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Did you know that nearly 1400 fragrances were launched in 2012? Do we really need that many new artificial scents added to a market already saturated in stink? It's ridiculous and also kind of gross. As a comment on that, Dutch artists Lernert and Sander have collected samples of those fragrances and combined them to create one giant, 1.5 liter of a "unique perfume" they've named Everything.


Here's a video of them making the hand-blown bottle, an "enlargement of the classic sample bottle." Everything will be showcased in the French boutique Colette, March 1 - 9, in Paris, and visitors will have a chance to take a whiff. What do you think it smells like? Our guess is the inside of the Jersey Shore house.


Everything [Lernert and Sander via Jonnodotcom]

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