Art Imitates Life: The Wire Actress Was Scandalized By Sex Scenes With Dominic West

In this excellent oral history of HBO's beloved seriesThe Wire, which premiered ten years ago this month, actress Deirdre Lovejoy, who played lawyer Rhonda Perlman, a high-ranking narcotics division attorney who slept with Detective Jimmy McNulty (Dominic West) a bunch, looked back fondly at the pair's first sex scene:

I never thought of myself as any kind of romantic anything, but it's the first day of work and Dominic is on top of me! I'm usually not the girl who has to sit there with her clothes off, but it is cable, so the clothes are off. Dominic said to me, "Oh, last week I was on top of Renée Zellweger!"


Read the whole thing, though, 'cause it's incredible.

'Maxim Interrogates the Makers and Stars of The Wire' [Maxim]

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