Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver's split was one of the biggest breakups of 2011, and they're already poised to be 2012's most shocking reunion. Recently Arnold has been spotted about town wearing his wedding ring, and if you trust extremely blurry paparazzi pics, Maria has also taken to wearing the symbol of her devotion to to the prolific actor/sleezeball. TMZ claims Arnold has been wooing Maria and she's considering a reconciliation because she's against divorce for religious reasons. It's also possible that Maria isn't actually wearing her wedding ring, because whatever's on her finger looks more like a shiny Ring Pop. [Radar, TMZ, TMZ]

Want to hear the weakest Keeping Up With The Kardashians set up ever? Kim is flying to Dallas to help Khloe because she's freaking out about moving into her home and requires moral support. Working that packing tape dispenser can be pretty stressful. [TMZ]


Isaiah Silva, frontman of The Rambles and Frances Bean Cobain's fiance, says, "We're homebodies. We don't go out to clubs so you won't find us stumbling out of them with Lindsay Lohan. We stay at home, read books and watch Arrested Development." Apparently when you're the child of iconic rock stars your only method of rebellion is to be relentlessly normal. Silva adds, "We're each other's everything." Aww. [People]


For once your elderly aunt may be more up to date on the day's gossip than you are. Snoop Dogg kicked off celebrity week on The Price Is Right by helping contestants accurately guess the price of bird seed, and raised $72,585 for his charity in the process. Naturally, Snoop also performed a freestyle rap about the show, but sadly it isn't up on YouTube. [CBS News, YouTube]

  • I was planning to celebrate my 28th birthday this weekend, but now I'm depressed because there's no way my party can compete with Jonah Hill's ... unless I can get Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and Zooey Deschanel to join me at the Cheesecake Factory. [Us]
  • Reports that Ricky Martin is planning to marry his boyfriend Carlos Gonzalez Abella have been greatly exaggerated. [E!]
  • Elton John declared that Justin Timberlake is his "number one pic" to star in a biopic about his life, though so far there's no word on how JT feels about this. "It's going to be a surreal look at my life, and not just a factual look at my life, more in the manner of a Moulin Rouge," said Elton. "I just don't want it to be a normal biopic because my life hasn't been like that. And it only goes up to when I go into rehab in 1990. It starts with me going into rehab and ends when I come out." [Us]