Armed & Ready

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When 85-year-old Leda Smith from Pennsylvania spotted a 17-year-old would-be burglar inside her home, she knew just what to do, "I just walked right past him to the bedroom and got my gun." She then held the boy hostage with her .22-caliber revolver while she made him call 911, and then waited with him, gun ready, until the police came and arrested the boy for attempted burglary and other related offenses. Smith was excited about catching the burglar and hopes that she "broke up the (burglary) ring" that may be connected with a string of robberies in her neighborhood. [CBS News, image via Smith Magazine.]


Erin Gloria Ryan

@dirtybee says bee yourself!: I don't think that responsible handgun ownership is something that only "gun crazies" do... I think that making batshit insane arguments in favor of owning ridiculous weapons is something that gun crazies do.