Arizona Safeway Deems Jessica Simpson's Pregnant Belly Too Lewd to Be Seen [UPDATED]

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An alert tipster spotted this homemade device at a grocery store in Tucson, Arizona. It's blocking what was apparently determined to be a scandalous Elle cover featuring the very pregnant body of Jessica Simpson. The tipster reports that it's been there for a week; so it is certainly intentional, as the charming scrawl indicates.


As you may remember, Simpson is doing her very best impression of Demi Moore's famous pregnant Vanity Fair cover. True, her breasts are somewhat exposed, but it's not too different than what you could see on this year's Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition cover. And what do you think the chances are that they covered that up?

Given the current rock-bottom level of discussion regarding women's reproduction in Arizona, it's clear the state is not exactly known for being anti-pregnancy, so it's curious that this red state grocery store owner finds the physical manifestation of God's greatest gift to women (whether they want it or not) so offensive that it warrants being covered up.

Update: We've learned that the photo was taken at a Safeway location on Tanque Verde in Tucson (Phone: 520-760-6087). We talked to a store manager there who said he was unaware of it and "doesn't even look at the magazine racks," and we have a call in to the corporate office.

Update #2: We spoke with spokeswoman for Safeway who said that this particular store made the decision to cover the magazine after it received multiple complaints from mothers with young children. She also said that other Safeway locations in the area had not received any complaints. She said the company tries to be sensitive to the complaints of their customers but does not have an official corporate policy on blocking magazine covers. Instead, those decisions are left up to the discretion of store managers.

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Photo courtesy of Rachel Wallace.



Fucking Florida, typical. Oh, it's Arizona you say? I meant to say Fucking New Florida. Sheesh.

ETA: Is it the retirees? Is that the common denominator?