Arizona Pastor: Kill The Gays, They "Recruit Through Rape"

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Pastor Steven L. Anderson recently ranted at Faithful Word Baptist Church in Temple, AZ that God "instituted the death penalty for rapists and for homosexuals" and that they "recruit through rape."


You can hear the entire rant here, and excerpts are below:

Our country is run by faggots. You know who was the man who was the architect of the bailout? His name is Barney Frank, he is a pedophile...

The biggest hypocrite in the world is the person who believes in the death penalty for murderers and not for homosexuals. Hypocrite. The same God who instituted the death penalty for murderers is the same God who instituted the death penalty for rapists and for homosexuals - sodomites, queers! ... I can tell you so many stories about people that I know being molested and recruited by the sodomites.

They recruit through rape. They recruit through molestation. They recruit through violation. They are infecting our society. They are spreading their disease. It's not a physical disease, it's a sin disease , it's a wicked, filthy sin disease and it's spreading on a rampage. ... You want to know why sodomites are recruiting? Because they have no natural predators.

Pam Spaulding at Pandagon has found links to his "biblical scholarship" on male gynecologists:

May God help preachers in this generation to make the Bible their authority, not tradition, and call this ungodly practice what it really is – sin. Any doctor that looks upon and touches a woman's private parts in his office "hath committed adultery with her already in his heart." Sir, if you let your wife go to a male gynecologist, you need to get right with God.

Who will Anderson attack next? Brassiere salesmen at Macy's? Male Kindergarten teachers? Lord help us when he discovers that there is such a thing as a ballerino. I'm pretty sure Jesus wouldn't approve of the vile bigotry coming from his mouth.

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My mom used to attend a Bible study when I was a child and we lived in Maryland. She said that the subject of homosexuality came up once during a meeting. The woman next to her turned to her and said something about gays being a scourge and vile human beings before stating that "at least God had found a punishment for them." She then gleefully shouted "AIDS!"

It's no wonder my mother stopped attending. Not only has she been active in gay rights since before I was born, but I had to undergo an AIDS test when I was four after it was discovered that the blood transfusion I received after birth might have been tainted (it was not, I tested negative).

Honestly, it consistently boggles my mind that people that are this hateful and this disgusting think they are doing God's work or that the Bible will support their actions and thoughts. The Bible isn't a weapon and people need to stop hiding behind it.