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Julia Roberts wears a wig in Mother’s Day, the latest in a string of avant-garde films from famed director Garry Marshall. But the unholy bob atop her head is not a new wig plucked from a discount hair emporium shortly before filming. It is an old wig. In fact, it is a wig Roberts herself has worn before.


Soon after the trailer for Mother’s Day was released, observant film scholars noticed a similarity between her character’s wig and one she wore in Helix—a film-within-a-film from 1999's Notting Hill.


Today’s big wig news? They were right. People has confirmed that Roberts’s Mother’s Day helmet is, in fact, the same one she wore in Notting Hill.

Though we have not been given an explanation for their decision to reuse her ancient wig, it was very likely due to budgetary restrictions. After assembling an A-list cast, there could not have been much spare cash leftover for less important things like costumes, wigs, and a screenwriter.

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