We got so bored today I asked the other editors to play Traveler IQ Challenge for a post, in honor of the places we are not traveling right now. But since no one was really here and Jennie was with that needle-wielding Chinese witch doctor of hers it was between myself, and my score of 171,910, with which I was rather pleased, and Jessica, who scored... 342,337. What the fuck, Jessica? Do you have a real mouse or something? Am I just stupid? Is my mind atrophying in my old age? Is that why I'm not sure if I'm using the term "atrophy" correctly? How the fuck did you remember where Guinea was? Okay, so I played again and scored a 269,874, but I refuse to stop there. I will beat you, Jessica. And you and you and you! What the else am I going to do for the next few hours? Oh, invoices? Hah. SUCK MY DICK EASTER ISLAND!!!
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