Are You "Practical", "Wildly Impulsive" or "Vulgar"? Ask Jane Austen

Missing today's installment of the book nerdy Fine Lines? Well, our writer is on vacation — so perhaps you can get your YA fix from this handy Radar quiz on teen novels. But! The Telegraph has a quiz to help you determine which character in Sense and Sensibility you are most like. Are you an Elinor ("Sense"), someone infinitely prudent and sort of repressed? Or are you a Marianne ("Sensibility") — histrionic to the point where a broken love affair causes you to end up near death? You could even be a Mrs. Jennings, the town gossip and a vulgarian at heart. Personally, when I read Sense in a college Austen course, I wanted to slap Marianne around. Bitch is whiny as hell! Then I took the quiz and discovered that I'm equal parts Marianne and Elinor. Does that mean I hate myself, or that my response to romantic rejection is weeping and occasionally hospitalization? As for the other Jezzies, Anna was also equally Elinor and Marianne, while Dodai and Slut Machine were Mrs. Jennings all the way.

Let us know in the comments how you stack up. Of all Austen's heroines, I'd personally like to think of myself as an Elizabeth Bennet, though at the end of the day I'm probably more of an Emma — a little spoiled and frivolous but kind of clever and ultimately well meaning.


Are You Sense Or Sensibility? [Telegraph]
Young Adults Only [Radar]

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