Are You Part of the Doomsday 10 Percent?

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A new poll has found that almost 15 percent of people on the planet think the world is going to come to an end during their lifetime. What's even more bizarre is that a full 10 percent of people worldwide think the Mayan calendar points to it ending right here in 2012. Are you one of them? If so, why aren't you out in the streets right now with your "The End Is Near" sign, trying to warn us that we'd better tie up all the loose ends in our life vis-à-vis burning in hell or crossing items off of our bucket list. One thing is for sure: If 12-21-2012 comes and goes, and we are all still here, we are going to come up with a Mayan calendar-like scheme that predicts the world will explode in 2424 and use it to pull an epic prank on all the paranoid people of the future.


One in seven thinks end of world is coming: poll [Reuters via Vulture]

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Honestly? I kind of hope it does. Not in the sense of the entire planet ENDING, like a fireball consumes all life on earth or something, but just a partial end. Like a Zombie apocalypse, or a Rapture like in that famous book series where people just up and disappear. Or some random disease that decimates the planet.

All of it leaving me unaffected, of course, that’s the catch.

While it may seem incredibly awful to wish the death or disappearance of most of the people on the planet, that’s sadly been a source of many a daydream for me lately, and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not.

Just imagine…having ALL the time in the world to read any book you wanted. Go to an empty supply store in your abandoned city and take a truckload of art supplies back home. Paint a portrait, a landscape something abstract. Mural the entire base of an empty banking building. Grab a car and some gas and explore the country. Go backpacking at your leisure, camp in the wilderness, climb the wrist-thick kudzu vines that wrap the ruins of the Sears Tower. Pound corn in the fields on an abandoned super highway. Or walk up and down the isle of your empty Walmart and Costco and load up on all the canned food and goods you could need for a while. Cook yourself a nice meal at your favorite sushi bar in the abandoned kitchen with the cookbook you took from the ruined Barns and Nobles.

No job, no bosses yelling at you, no 50+ hour work weeks doing shit you can’t stand so you can barely scrape by, no petty high school-esque office politics. No facebook drama, no snarky relatives, no politicians making your life harder, no foreign conflicts to fuck things up for you.

Just you, and the world.

Granted this lovely fantasy comes to a screeching halt the instant you fall and break an arm or leg and are pretty much dead with no doctors around…but still…I find myself wishing for some disaster so I can live a life of peace.

Knowing my luck though it will end up being like The Road, and I’ll get locked in a dark basement waiting to be eaten by cannibals… :(