Are You Excited By The Leaked Justin Timberlake Track? [Updated]

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We were pretty sure that JT had given up on music so he could get all hyper-kinetic in The Social Network and do whatever he's doing in that movie with Amanda Seyfried. But no!


He's secretly been working on new music. Behold: the thumping bass, relentless drums and stuttering beats of "Take You Down." It's got singing girls like "Señorita" and is clearly built for the dancefloor. But something's missing. It's not exactly bringing sexy back. Not that it makes you want to cry a river… But maybe it needs a little falsetto? Or something. Get Timbaland or Pharrell on the phone, STAT.


UPDATE: It's not Justin. Lies? On the Internet? You don't say!

Justin Timberlake - 'Take You Down' Song Leak [Just Jared]

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Are we sure that's him? What's missing is JT's voice, if you ask me. It's far too much like Chris Brown. I like it, but I'm not convinced it's JT.

and it needs to lose the autotune bullshit.