Today the Wall Street Journal asked its readers the question, "Are you an alcoholic?" The author takes a bunch of screening tests like this one (Fun fact! "More than 93.5% of the general adult American population and 98% of women consume fewer drinks per week than [I] reported consuming." Liars.) and gets some conflicting answers. There's also a confusing quote:

Charlie says many heavy drinkers, especially those who grew up around alcoholics, set a private benchmark in their denial. "They say to themselves, 'As long as I'm not making a fool of myself in a bar, or drinking in the morning, or as long as I'm still showing up for work, then I'm not an alcoholic.'" You know you've hit bottom, he adds, "when your behavior spirals downward faster than you can lower your standards."

But isn't that just the problem with being an alcoholic? The longer you stay with it, the better your behavior actually becomes — at least while drunk, and you're always drunk? With that in mind I wrote my own "Are You An Alcoholic" quiz after the jump. Compare your score on the Alcoholscreening test and your evaluation of your own drinking problem! Fun stuff!

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Are You An Alcoholic? [WSJ]
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