There's a quiz regarding relationships and fidelity in the UK paper The Mirror today that's sorta retarded. The eight-question, multiple-choice quiz is supposed to help readers determine the likelihood of whether or not they will be unfaithful to their significant others. Three problems: If you don't have a boyfriend, you have to pretend that you do when answering the questions if you want "accurate" results. Secondly, the questions seems to be based on a core belief that people cheat and/or flirt solely because of self-esteem issues. Third, the quiz assumes that a range of behavior counts as cheating โ€” other than sexual contact โ€” like flirting with an old guy just for fun, or going for drinks with your co-worker, or taking a guy's number in a bar. Most women do those things all the time in varying degrees. Does that mean we're big cheaters, or simply personable and normal? We took the test ourselves:

The results are broken down into four groups. Here's how the Mirror lists them:

You may think it's all just harmless flirting but because you rely on sexual attention to feel good it only takes a rough patch to send you into the arms of another. Wake up to your cheating potential now, and accept that true self-esteem always comes from within.


You grew up desperate for security, so you won't risk losing your relationship. But you wonder if you should have someone else waiting in the wings. When men pay you attention, you're scared of rejecting them so you're liable to give out mixed sexual signals, then panic when they expect more from you. Face up to the games you're playing - and put your trust back into your real relationship.

You're unhappy in your relationship yet you won't even look at another man in case you're tempted to stray. Being this closed down suggests that your self-confidence has taken a real battering and you're prepared to put up and shut up rather than leave. And if that sounds way too risky consider pursuing a friendship with the other man - that alone may show you that there's an alternative out there.

Everyone has the potential to start an affair, but you're nowhere near it at the moment. You're happy in your relationship and sexually confident enough to enjoy a harmless spot of flirtation with other men occasionally. When problems do arise you talk about them, and you would never expect a man to be the answer to everything.


Our results:
Anna : Faithful...Nearly
Dodai: The Ditherer
Moe: Faithful...Nearly (For the most part. She admits to being all over the map.)
Tracie: 50/50 split between Faithful...Nearly and Cheat in Waiting
Jennifer: Faithful...Nearly

Obviously, such a quiz shouldn't be taken to heart, since answering eight questions about yourself with answers that don't even necessarily reflect how you feel could never truly be that enlightening. But you know, we never met a silly British quiz we didn't take.

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