Are Pregnant Women Dulled By "Fuzz-Head" Hormones?

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One of New York magazine's "Reasons To Love New York" is "Because Our Pregnant Women Kick Ass." The mag makes an example of Amy Poehler, noting that she's inspiring:

One week before giving birth to little Archie Arnett, writes New York's Emily Nussbaum, the Saturday Night Live funnylady "went out there swinging, her immense belly swaying over the Weekend Update desk, performing a wild, aggressive Sarah Palin rap—effortlessly shooting down both a dancing moose and the actual Sarah Palin." Inspiring? Sure. Amy Poehler is awesome, but does anyone actually think that she would be less so because she's with child? Does carrying a fetus render a woman brain damaged?

Which is why the following is so baffling:

Anchor Campbell Brown savaged spin doctors throughout her first trimester, sharpened by fuzz-head hormones that fell other women.


Sorry? Other knocked-up women are walking around befuddled and bewildered? Isn't every pregnant working woman out there doing her job? While you may not see them rapping or interviewing Democratic strategists, don't you know pregnant women who make quick business decisions, instill fear in underlings, lift grocery bags, corral kids and always have a witty comeback? What do you think they'd say about the idea that they're thought of as "fuzz-heads"?

Because Our Pregnant Women Kick Ass [NY Mag]



Here's the book to read: 'Mommy Brain: How motherhood makes us smarer' [[]]

But seriously, this is also kind of like the joke about being able to play the piano when you get the cast off your arm ('Doc, when I get the cast off, will I be able to play the piano?- Of course you will!— Awesome, I've never been able to play before!')

Can most people, including the article's author, do the stuff Amy Poehler can do when she's NOT pregnant? Nope. That she would be smart while pregnant is indicative that she is smart while unpregnant.