Are Pakistan's Lawyers As Hot As Burma's Monks?

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Is it too obvious that our initial reaction to all those shots of lawyers in protest of military rule in Pakistan was, "Umm that's sort of hot!" a thought that led immediately to the query, "But are they as hot as those monks protesting military rule in Burma a month back?" Of course it is! And would it be kind of TMZ of us to run a thoroughly meaningless poll wondering what you think about this pressing issue? Very much so! Someone "had" to do it though! The fact is, there are two groups of pretty notably fine dressed men in Asia right now marching unarmed down city streets this season, most in support of women leaders, and their outfits indicates something about them: they're not only willing to get the shit kicked out of them by meatheads, they are special. They're not zealots or nutjobs or powermongers, but some of their respective countries' most neutral, levelheaded guys, and the outfits reflect that. Among other things!


So the only question left — beyond, you know, whether it's possible to simultaneously promote democracy and stability and economic growth in impoverished and often hyper-religious Third World countries — is, you know, some less tacky iteration of the "who would you rather?" dilemma. Which is why we exist.

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Gotta go with the lawyers on this one. While the idea of a bald man in a toga is VERY appealing, I love me some facial hair and these lawyers have it! I'm also a total bitch and those monks probably don't make much money, not that the lawyers do either, but at least it's definitely more.