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Are models slowly returning to the covers of ladymags? Joan Smalls was on the January cover of Elle; now Lara Stone graces the April cover of Bazaar. Back in September, People editor Larry Hackett said: "The era of the A-List movie star is over." So does the future of fashion mags look like the (model-driven) past?


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Did anyone else see the ANTM cycle where Tyra made Chelsey Hersley have her teeth filed down so that she would have a gap in her front teeth? Of course, she didn't win. But she got to keep the gap.

I like gaps in teeth. But they shaved off her natural enamel and made her teeth much more vulnerable to decay and sensitivity. Then they bleached her hair. They were basically creating a clone of Lara Stone, who was the "It Girl" of the moment.
Of course, a few seasons prior to this, Tyra had pressured Danielle Evans to have her gap filled in. She asked her "Do you really think you can have a modeling career with a gap in your teeth?" Evans actually wanted to keep it because she felt it was a part of her identity. But she reluctantly had it filled in, and she ended up winning her season. Even though she "talked ghetto."

And... I don't know why I just went on that ANTM history lesson. Basically, my point is: you do you. And Tyra Banks is bonkers.