This prominent zoologist thinks that all that hunting made men evolved into beings that are evolutionarily more creative and inventive than women and he wrote a book about it which will make you think, in no particular order, of the movie Knocked Up, your poker-addicted ex boyfriend, that study about how women get smarter by playing this military videogame, that US Weekly editor who was so nice and friendly until he started getting those testosterone treatments, and why the fuck anyone would want to be Paul Janka. Evolutionarily, see, the history of humankind is the history of men, and while that's not exactly the same as saying "Boys are better than girls", for the sake of selling books, let's just say that it is. And sure, you can say, "But all of human existence thus far has been mostly war, persecution and environmental degradation, isn't it kind of a Pyrrhic Victory to get credit for that?" But he'll just shoot back with something like, "So you're really saying that human existence is pointless and the universe is absurd, et cetera?"

And you'll be like "yes," and he'll be like, "then why do you want to have dinner with me? I'd rather play videogames anyway." And that's why I'm reminding you of this: maybe it took women thousands of years to achieve legal parity with men in civilized society because it takes us exactly ten hours of playing videogames to achieve parity with their much-vaunted hunting instinct bullshit.

Anyway, the Daily Mail doesn't think much of the men are better theory, except to say.

But there is one issue for which Morris desrves credit: the demolition of the truly asinine idea that the male has had his day and is about to become extinct.


Well duh they're not going to become extinct. They're still weirdly attractive, and occasionally even fun to talk to!

The History Of Humanity Is The History Of Man, Not Of Woman [Daily Mail]