Are Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes About to Get Married at Her Michigan Vacation House?

Early Thursday morning, Radar Online shared exclusive details about the (allegedly) impending nuptials between actors Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx. Though the two have never confirmed their relationship, let alone their engagement, Radar seemed to know everything!


Said an anonymous insider:

“Katie will always remain loyal to her roots in Toledo, Ohio, and she’s pouring millions into renovating her vacation house...where she wants to get married.”

But Holmes’s vacation house isn’t in Toledo—or even Ohio! It’s “on the shores of Devils Lake” in Michigan. Sure, it’s fun to imagine Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx getting married with a single witness (Suri) and the minister from Beetlejuice on the shores of a lake named after the Dark Lord as the setting sun illuminates the water like a pool of fiery lava, but we’re just slightly unsure if it’s actually going to happen.

That’s where Gossip Cop comes in. They looked into the rumor and have discovered whether or not there is any truth to it.

Use the sliding image below to learn what they found out.


Now you know.

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JujyMonkey: unstable genius

Have they actually, y’know, gone on a date beyond that one picture of them doing.... .......something?

Is this some meta-joke I’m to old to understand?

If so, I'm cold and where are my glasses?