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Some Brooklyn denizens have taken it upon themselves to recreate the iconic 1960s anti-war poster featuring Joan Baez that said "Girls say yes to boys who say no." The new (pro-Obama) poster reads "Girls say yes to men who say Obama," and it's creating a wee tempest in the ladyblogosphere. The women of Bust are pro-poster, calling it "cheeky" and adding, "It’s nice to see that politics can still be fun." The women at Salon aren't so amused.They call it "obnoxiously retrograde", "gross", and firebrand Rebcca Traister remarks, "the idea of any kind of political action is being taken to impress the opposite sex — or that guys would only vote a certain way if a woman promised sex at the end (that's also totally the only way you get them to pay for dinner, incidentally) — sort of makes me want to drown myself." Personally, I think it's a little self-consciously cutesy, certainly derivative and ironically playing into outdated sexual mores, but ultimately harmless. However, these ladies are not the first to give the election a sexual tint. Radar has a roundup of politically-themed porn, and writer Erica Sackin asks, "When did we start channeling support for candidates through our Kegel muscles?" She also wonders whether or not political porn is partisan. "The difference in what appeals to people seems to have less to do with if they're Republicans or Democrats and more to do with how old they are—the younger they are, the more enthusiastic they are for somewhat ribald takes on the election," she argues. Aw, porn: reaching down pants on both sides of the aisle! Girls Say Yes [Bust] Putting Out For Barack [Salon] Sexual Politics [Radar]


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