Lonnie Aarssen, a Canadian biology professor who specializes in reproductive ecology, says "inherited inclinations," (aka a "mommy gene" — or lack thereof) can determine whether women are driven to pursue personal goals that "distract" from parenthood. "The drive to leave a legacy through offspring can be side-tracked by an attraction to legacy through other things like career, fame, and fortune - distractions that, until recently, were only widely available to men." According to Aarssen, ladies who "would rather forgo parenthood in order to have a career, lavish vacations and leisurely lifestyles will of course leave no descendants at all." Wow, sounds like a jet-set adventure! Where do we sign up? And what happens to this kind of female? "Over time," Aarssen says, "those genetic traits that influence women away from motherhood will necessarily be 'bred out.'" Uh, oh. Huh.

Then what?

In this way future generations of women will inherit a stronger genetic predisposition for mating and having children as a priority in their lives. Dr. Aarssen predicts that an increased desire for marriage and having children, in both men and women, will be an inevitable product of evolution within the next few generations.

So in other words, the fact that we don't have kids means that future women will have tons of kids, thereby saving humankind (but probs killing the Earth)? Are you buying this?

Is There Really A 'Mommy' Gene In Women? [Queen's University News Centre]