Are Celebrity Tabloids' Days Numbered Now That Stars Give Away Photos for Free?

In a piece for USA Today, Whitney Matheson has introduced us to They Posted, a collection of the juiciest stuff on Twitter and Instagram: celebrity photos.

They Posted reveals that Ke$ha has the word penis painted on her nails. Emmy Rossum just shot a great portrait of William H. Macy. Joan Rivers hung out with a dude named Spy Boy Honey last night. Kat Von D is wearing ridiculous shoes today. And maybe you never wanted to know what Adam Levine looks like post-shower, but there it is.


In direct contrast to perfect poses and PR-approved interviews in glossy monthly magazines, weekly tabloids like Star, Us, and In Touch promise a glimpse inside stars' lives: The unscripted moments, the casual ensembles, the minutiae intended to remind: Stars are just like us! But with that so many famous folks using social media, voluntarily posting instant updates, behind-the-scenes photos and pet pictures, will readers bother continuing to drop hard-earned dollars on a publication that may have week-old photos? Since Instagram and Twitter allow you to follow only who you're interested in and They Posted has a search feature, a fan can curate exactly who and what they want to see. And when you see that Miley Cyrus is in bed with her dog, and Lady Gaga takes crooked self-portraits, it's pretty clear that stars are just like us. It's those Rich Kids Of Instagram we find it hard to relate to.

TheyPosted: All the celeb pics you can handle [PopCandy/USA Today]
They Posted [Official Site]

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