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Former In Style Accessories Director and lead 'View From The Fourth Row' blogger suspect Alice Kim is leaving In Style for Omaha, Nebraska, in a development that probably involves internationally-acclaimed "spiritual healer" Dawn Christie and may also concern native Nebraskan and Korean-proclivitor Alexander Payne. (Yeah, that Alexander Payne! Guess we're all going to the wrong cocktail parties, huh?) If true, this sheds light on her mysterious decision, announced last month, to move to Nebraska to open a boutique targeting the white-hot Omaha fashionista population. Apparently the store is still happening, with some financial help from her parents — and also, so it happens, her co-workers! Late last week, an informer tells us, Alice held a little "cubicle sale" of all the free swag she raked in during her years "covering" the luxury leather goods industry. So here's an ethical question: how much of a markup do you charge the employees who suspect you of relentlessly anonymously trashing them on your bitchy fashion blog as you depart for a charmed new life with a Hollywood golden child?


Answer: A lot!

According to a source at In Style, the first item Alice sold was a Burberry bag for which she asked — and received! — $900. Why didn't she sell it on eBay like all the other editors? When's she going to come out about her blog? Will Payne's ex-wife Sandra Oh play Alice in View From The Fourth Row, the critically-fellated indie film chock-full of self-absorbed, merlot-hating fashion world misanthropes? Developing!

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