Archeologists Discover Jewelry Stash from 1100 B.C.

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Archeologists from Tel Aviv University have discovered a collection of jewelry in the Jezreel Valley of northern Israel that they believe dates all the way back to the Iron I period (circa 1100 B.C.). The design and solid gold material of several of the pieces have researchers hypothesizing that the jewelry is Egyptian in origin (or, at least, in influence), a theory that holds up with the time period, which occurred just after the end of Egyptian rule in the 12th century B.C. One piece, a gold earring decorated in molded wild goats, has experts stumped, saying, "For unique items, we work to find parallels to help place the items in their correct cultural and chronological settings, but in this case we still haven't found anything."


Interestingly, the jewelry was found at an archeological dig site of a private Canaanite home, wrapped in fabric and stashed inside of a ceramic vase. According to Professor Israel Finkelstein of TAU's Department of Archaeology and Near Eastern Cultures, ""It's clear that people tried to hide the collection, and for some reason they were unable to come back to pick it up. The owners could have perished or been forced to flee."

It's all so mysterious and intriguing. Where is a TARDIS when you need one?

Unique gold earring found in intriguing collection of ancient jewelry in Israel [The Eureka Alert]


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Oooh, I love this sort of thing. They really knew how to make jewelry back in the day. I like to google Egyptian jewelry so I can drool and also mope because I will never own anything so gorgeous and perfect.