Apparently the singular shape pushed by Vogue in its April "Shape" issue goes beyond the pages of the magazine itself: Anna Wintour allegedly found the shape of Laura and Kate Mulleavy, who design Rodarte, to be utterly unacceptable. So Wintour put the design team on a strict exercise regime and 1,300 calorie diet. Laura and Kate lost 30 lbs each. Sigh. [Radar]

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A Small Turnip

@virginiawoolf: "1300 calories is only 200 calories less than a normal person's diet should be. It's totally doable if you just eat healthy, which we should all be doing anyway."

1500 calories per day is not a "normal" person's diet. No. Really, no.

We should be doing so many things which are good for us. But then we remember that life is flickeringly short, and that happily eating a cookie does a whole lot more for our sense of wellbeing and contentedness than any ammount of calorie-counting will do.

I have spent time viciously restricting myself to 1200 calories per day. It was the period of my life most deeply marked with self-loathing and unhappiness. It is not a joyful, generous way to live. I weigh more now than I did then, but you know, I'm a much nicer person than I was, both to myself and other people.

It's not that dieting is always Bad and Evil and A Crime Against the Sisterhood. But there's something about this story that feels uncomfortably steeped in the shame and embarrassment of these women. It's not their weight loss that's sad, it's that some bint told them it would be a great idea if they did. That's the poison, right there.