Apparently Americans Aren't Sure if George W. Bush and Jeb Bush Are Actually Related

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Truthers, your Age of Aquarius has dawned. February 13's GOP debate, which ended up being only a few pot-shots away from devolving into an oil-wresting free-for-all between the Republican presidential hopefuls, apparently wasn’t the only thing on the minds of tuned-in voters. Rather than watching the verbal boxing match between professional Twitter bombast and combover advocate Donald Trump and former governor Jeb “The Other One” Bush, it looks like the minds of our nation were trying to figure out if the latter candidate is even related to former POTUS George W.


Data collected by Google Trends reported that Saturday night’s top question had nothing to do with normal things that are supposed to be discussed at the latest televised event of its kind (which might point to the fact that having eight for the presidential 2016 primaries and counting might be a bit of overkill). Topics like domestic policy and rights for minorities and women weren’t as pressing as whether two people who look alike, have the same last name, and almost certainly share the same DNA were probably once babies who called Barbara Bush “mommy.”

Even though the New York Times concluded that the debate was “the first confrontation in which Mr. Bush appeared, at moments, to have bested Mr. Trump,” all of that is apparently irrelevant.

To make everything even more surreal, this soundbyte from Fox News talking head Tucker Carlson was actually lucid: “The question is: does it help when voters learn that Jeb Bush is George W. Bush’s brother?”

So, in the vein of fairness—especially after the wrongful 2011 allegations partially spearheaded by Trump himself that President Barack Obama was born in Kenya—let’s see those birth certificates, boys.

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We really are just the stupidest country...