Apparel makers have begun targeting plus-sized girls, reports Reuters. "All of a sudden in 2008 you'll see a plethora of brands and stores offering plus sizes for kids," retail analyst Marshal Cohen says. Some stores, like JC Penney, Wal-Mart and Sears carry plus-sized kids — especially "husky" styles for boys. But the trend now is toward "cute" clothes like "feminine dresses in fabrics such as eyelet and pique and bright colors like bubblegum pink accented with lime." Uh, sounds delicious? Since more fabric is needed, price points are slightly higher for plus-sized clothing. And here's a question you might not like: Childhood obesity is a problem in this country, but when does accommodating become enabling? [Reuters]


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As the father of an "exception", I have to say that I'm glad more stores are getting on the bandwagon. It'd be nice to do more of our shopping offline.