Yesterday, we wrote about Macrida Patterson, who sustained an eye injury from a bit of metal flying off her thong. After viewing the current selection of v-strings by Victoria's Secret, we determined that it had to have been a truly horrific bedazzled thong with matching veil. Macrida β€” who, by the way, is by no means fat or "old" looking despite the nasty comments thrown her way at Consumerist β€” and her lawyer were on the Today show this morning with The Thong, which was blue-green and lacy, not white and bedazzled. We apologize for doubting her fashion sense, though we doubt her choice of a lawyer since he said that her rationale for suing was "we want to make Macrida whole again" and refused to specify how much money they wanted. He sounds like every other skeezy personal injury lawyer we've ever met.

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