Apartment Dweller Exacts Revenge by Peeing in Sun Tea

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An apartment complex resident sought justice for a stolen batch of sun tea in the grossest possible way.


A Redditor snapped a picture of a sign found at their apartment's community mailboxes and uploaded to Reddit's r/pics forum, in a post called "Apartment Complex Justice." In the note, a furious resident told off an alleged tea thief who is reportedly stealing pitchers of sun tea. (For those of you who don't have an active Pinterest page, sun tea is made by brewing in the sunlight. Please follow me on Pinterest so we can talk all about it.) This could of course be totally fake but let's obsessively dissect it anyway:

"To the poor idiot who stole my tea from the picnic table in the west common grass area July 19th.

A long-time resident, I have been successfully brewing sun tea on the before mentioned picnic table for years. Never had a problem until this year, as the tea has been stolen twice in one month.

The first time the tea was stolen was July 4th, sometime between 5:00 and 7:00 p.m. Inspired by my disappointment, I set out to teach a lesson, since someone's mother never taught them not to steal. Whomever stole the tea the second time on July 19th got more than just tea, they got tea spiked with urine.

To conclude, I hope you enjoyed drinking my pee, you stupid, thieving, low-life asshole. Stealing is wrong!"

Redditors pointed out the tea might have not been stolen so much as tossed away by people wanting to use the picnic table and thinking "who the fuck left this tea out in the sun?" One Redittor noted that people might have been peeing in the sun tea all this time, as punishment for leaving pitchers of tea in the common area. Redditors are sick, beautiful bastards.

Another Redditor reminded everyone that according to Snopes, sun tea is a great way to fill your body with gross bacteria. (Pee drinking not looking so bad after all now.) There is no word yet as to whether or not the pee-drinking tea thief has been apprehended, but for now it might be a good idea for this resident to just switch to Lipton or Snapple for a little while.

Image via r/pics.