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ANTM's Saleisha Has A Long History With Tyra

We've all known since the casting episode that Saleisha knew Tyra back in the day because she's a T-Zone alum — or refugee, depending on how you see it. (And in case you forgot, T-Zone is Tyra's camp for young girls, where she teaches them about self-esteem.) And though we figured that Ty and Sal hadn't seen each other since the T-Zone days, a very observant reader tipped us off to the fact that Saleisha appeared in the Gen Art fashion show in Cycle 6, and then later appeared on the Tyra show to model Rami Kashaou's designs. (Yes, that Rami, from this season's Project Runway. It's all so meta!!!) Take a look at the clip above to catch some vintage Saleisha.


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Somebody got busted! Maybe this relationship is why they hustled Lisa and Heather out the door. And I bet Tyra voted against both of them out of her love for Tootie.