ANTM: "You Look Like Victoria Secretia"

Last night's episode of America's Next Top Model was so solid. Between Nikeysha's rambling, Hannah's ignorance, and Sheena's questionable boobs, there were so many Top. Model. History. moments to take in. How much do you absolutely love Sheena? She's seriously the best thing to happen to this show since Natasha, the mail-order bride from Russia. I've actually been wondering about the authenticity of her breasts since last week, so I'm really glad Paulina was gauche enough to bring it up. Even better though, was that Sheena first denied that they're fake, and then had a few minutes to think it over, and realized that she wasn't fooling anyone. A reel of Sheena's awesomeness, above.

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I normally like Paulina, but I think it was pretty assy of her to ask Sheena whether her boobs were real at panel like that. It made me a little sad to see Sheena have to come forward and confess her terrible sin of plastic surgery, to be absolved by Tyra. I know they're models, and their product is their bodies and all, but this just kind of felt like, "ooo, let's find the slutty girl with the fake ta-tas. Shame!" I did not care for it.