ANTM: The Importance Of Barbie Toe

On last night's episode, Victoria's Secret Angel Marisa Miller taught the girls "Barbie toe," which is basically just wearing invisible high heels all the time. Sometimes it seems like the mentors on this show get "short" confused with "child."

More on Barbie toe.

Marisa also gave other modeling tips, like don't touch your boobs, keep your mouth closed, and pose to the side.

But just like Tyra, Marisa doesn't like it—or even realize it?—when girls are taking her direction too literally.

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After last night, I'm convinced Erin is going to win. She's a terrible model, an awful person and just downright bad but you can tell the panel wants her to win so badly. Why else would she be in the bottom 3 three times in a row and be saved every single time. Especially even after last night when they commented that she rebels against criticism—because right that's the make of a great model!

I'm rooting for Jennifer (as much as I love Laura...). Not only is she exceedingly talented, but considering the rise of Du Juan and Tao Okamoto in the past year, it'd be nice to see more Asian models make it into the mainstream. #americasnexttopmodelbarbietoe