ANTM: The Clip Show Of The Clip Show

The clip shows of ANTM are so much better now than they were in previous cycles, since it's mostly unaired footage. We got to see a little bit more of Spontaniouse. Why the hell didn't they keep her around? And how about that sit down TyTy had with the girls and "Dani" about the pressures in the modeling industry to lose weight (replete with voice overs for the lines she fucked up)? Trust us, we know what she's getting at with the body image stuff and we are into it. But she's so arbitrary with this shit. One minute she's telling the girls to not compromise who they are and to stay true to themselves, and the minute they even have a questioning look on their faces during makeover day, they're practically crucified for not "wanting it enough." So according to Tyra, it's OK to shed a few locks, but not a few pounds, for a job. Then just before the girls leave the room she says, "Don't obsess about your weight." Uh, OK, 161.

And just because it's not the same without a little bit of Heather in our lives:

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How awesome was it when she said she's really into men's arms at the moment? Heather FTW!

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My God I love this show. Is it just me, or are this cycle's "makeovers" just a little lame? Though I did love to see Bianca get her head shaved (which made her a billion times more striking), what kind of half-ass weave job did they do on Ebony!!? They pulled that nasty glued on mess of hers off only to throw old doll hair on her. No matter - couldn't stand her anyway.