ANTM Recap: Tyra, Stop Trying To Make "Smize" Happen

On last night's episode, Tyra was more cartoonish than ever when she dressed up in a superhero costume (with a silver lamé cape) as Super Smize, to teach the girls the art of smiling with their eyes.

Do you want a tutorial?


How creepy are the creepy twins?

When they show up, if feels like something bad is going to happen.


Like Oompa Loompas.


And they're always together.


It's like they're conjoined. They're like the short, albino version of Lori and Dori/Reba/George.

"My main focus this week is my left eye."

"Yeah, I have this issue with my eye, but I feel really, really good."

And how about when Jay compared Bianca to a tranny, literally?

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