ANTM Recap Part 2: Frowning With Your Eyebrows

Makeovers already? On last night's premiere, the 14 finalists got their "Tyovers" right away, which disappointingly included very few weaves. Instead, invisible eyebrows are the theme this cycle. Maybe not having them makes the girls look taller?

Did Bianca say "dingo" in her interview? I thought she did, but I only know "dingo" to mean "baby eater." A dingo ate her eyebrows.

So, are you ready for the freak show to begin?


At panel, Tyra said, "This competition is about stretching the size that we have naturally into the size that we don't have. We're fooling the public."

The only one she's fooling is herself if she thinks I didn't notice that she used the same exact voiceover for the two girls who got the same exact "iced out blond" Tyover.

In the photo shoot this week, the girls had to "embody themselves in a childhood photo." Tyra is embodying herself in Cycle 2. When's the last time she bared her midriff?


So, does Bloody Eyeballs have Asperger's? Because from what I know about Asperger's, based solely on ANTM, is that those afflicted are really good at modeling and really bad at relating to other people.

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