On last night's episode, Tyra stretched the definition of "supermodel" by introducing Jessica White as such. Jessica's credentials include spreads—not covers—in three different magazines. She seemed drunk with panel power as she told the contestants what to do.

Jessica did say that Nicole was her "absolutely favorite," and, aside from the erroneous use of an adverb, I agree. I love that Nicole and Laura have never parked a car before, yet they imply that they've driven. How did they stop driving, if they've never parked?

Laura's "hood rat" accent was equally entertaining and incompetent. (BTW, did you notice that the ad agency is called "Wongdoody"? Is that another name for smegma?)

Of course a woman who is into swords would also be into the word "bitchin'."

Tyra told Brittany that her top was cut too low, and could be considered "pornographic."

Is that why they ended up blurring out her chest, after this comment was made?