Heather had sort of a rough time on last night's episode of Top Model, after she bombed in the challenge. But seriously, her anxiety and mood swings produced some great results as she angrily confronted Saleisha and Lisa โ€” while naked. Also, when models walk around naked, isn't it supposed to be sexy and not terrifying? To be fair though, the girls sort of were being a little mean to her. But that's because they learned it from the master: Tyra. How cruel was it to have that big "Pack your bags, y'all we're goin' to China" celebration and get the girls all pumped, only to let them know two minutes later that one of them would be going home first? The woman knows good TV.

Heather was super extra scary this week.

She was totally the girl in The Ring again.


And what was with that whole Project Runway ripoff bullshit, when the girls had to go to FIDM to be muses for deeeeesigners? These two:

Were the scary version of these two:


And I'd be lying if I said that I didn't almost poop fabric when that thing popped up behind fashion icon and living legend Twiggy.

But Tyra scares me most of all.


JK! I'm a Tyra fan.