ANTM: Marvita Is Our Favorite Lezebel

Doesn't it always feel like we're robbed when Tyra springs a recap episode on us? I was totally excited to see if Fatima got deported and which one of Lauren's fingers got chopped off, as was promised in last week's "coming up" teaser. But no dice. However, the good thing about ANTM clip shows is that they include unaired footage of the inanity in the house, giving us a better glimpse at the girls' real personalities — particularly Marvita, who is a lot more awesome than editing had previously made her out to be. If I were living with 12 hot male models I wanted to bone, I'd probably behave the same way Marvita did in the ANTM house: Wrestle as foreplay, feel them up by giving massages, and show them my vagina. Clip above.

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I hate the sneaky way she pounces a Recap episode on us.... and the way she was narrating it gave credence to the "Tyra wants out" theory.

Also, I hate how she always labels every model "The awkward girl who photographs beautifually" "The plus size beauty with determination", I wonder what she would say if she turned that onto herself "The egocentric overachiever who will stay relevant at any cost... but does she have what it takes... oh wait, huh?"