On last night's episode of America's Next Top Model, the formula to the success of the entire series was spelled out for viewers: making aspiring models think on their feet. Hilarity always ensues. Gifs galore after the jump!

As always, Tyra is there to provide confusing advice that she expects the girls to follow, but not completely follow.

Kim Kardashian was the guest judge. Tyra introduced by saying, "She has her own reality show, she is the co-owner of Dash boutiques." Wouldn't it be relevant to talk a little bit more about Kim's "fashion" experience? Hasn't she actually modeled (and not just for Playboy)? Didn't she start out as a celebrity stylist? Isn't she designing a line for Bebe with her sisters? Maybe Tyra doesn't care.

BTW, Erin's eyebrow roots are coming in. It's kind of disturbing.

And now…



And my personal favorite: