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ANTM: Hula Hip-Hop?

Last night, after a rather embarrassing "teach" on "hula hip-hop," the finalists were informed that two girls would be eliminated at judging, meaning that we already know our two finalists, and there's only one more episode left in this cycle.

Knowing that it's all coming to an end makes one want to frown with one's eyes—or "frize." Jennifer was frizing when she learned that she would have to immediately go back to the Hawaiian mansion, pack her bags, and go home.

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It confusing that she was so let down, because according to Jennifer, she doesn't usually succeed at anything.


Erin also went home, but at least they touched up her roots beforehand.

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Did anyone else notice that eyebrows have totally been the theme of this cycle?


Which means that we're left with Nicole and Laura as the final two. This is good news, as Nicole does stuff like this:


And Laura says stuff like this:

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I like Laura as a person and all but... her photo was absolutely awful. I know they set it up every season to make a certain girl (usually the most boring IMHO) win the competition, but wow... they couldn't have found a better shot of Laura? She had MAJOR crazy eyes in that photo, it sure wasn't pretty.

And I know for damn sure Nicole had a much better picture than the one they picked somewhere in her reel. I get fed up of the manipulation... though I should just expect it by now.

WEAK, Tyra, just WEAK.